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0001017VCMIGUI - Adventure Mappublic2012-06-22 04:452012-08-18 17:58
0001017: When "sleeping" or in a battle, some buttons should be greyed out
See the attached screenshots and the highlighted part (green).

1) When ending turn - being in a "sleep mode", in the original HOMM3 all the interface buttons become inactive (greyed out) except for the "End turn" button. This should also happen in VCMI.

2) When having battle and being in a larger screen resolution (I have 1366x768), then the battle window is not a fullscreen. Therefor, the interface button are still visible. Even though they are not active, they should be also greyed out to not confuse the players.
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Actually, the interface buttons should be inactive and greyed out always when there is another active window - the castle, scenario information, level up, battles, etc.